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Biennale Le Latitudini dell’Arte stage Berlino
Synonims and antonyms
4 -18 june 2023

opening 3 june h. 18.00

curated by Virginia Monteverde
Studio 1 Kunstquartier Bethanien – Mariannenplatz 2, Berlino

The Biennale “Latitudini dell’arte”, created to encourage artistic and cultural exchange between Italy and other European countries, arrives in Berlin at Studio1 of Kunstquartier Bethanien.
The exhibition will be opened on 3 June, organised by Art Commission Aps under the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, involves 48 artists and 17 galleries of contemporary art working in Italy and Germany .

„The theme proposed for the Berlin leg,“ explains Virginia Monteverde, creator and curator of the biennial is “Synonims and antonyms”, and the theme is a series of reflections on the future: an open window on the themes that mark our time, under the constantly evolving lens of contemporary art.

The theme of this edition opens the door to many reflections, the artists become aware of this present and launch challenges for the future, each with their own style, giving us a representation of our time with all its contradictions.


ARTOLDO – Sara Ferro & Chris Weil, Connie Bellantonio, Mats Bergquist, Cristian Biasci, Stefano Bigazzi, Andreas Blank, Julia Bornefeld, Babette Brühl , Andreas Burger, Virginia Cafiero, Stefano Cagol, Francesco Candeloro, Cristiano Cesolari, Max Coor, Miro Craemer, Pier Giorgio De Pinto, Theo Eissens, Brice Esso, Maike Freess, Daniele Galliano, Armida Gandini, Lory Ginedumont, GODISART, Gian Luca Groppi, Tanja Hirschfeld, Fukushi Ito, Friederike Just, Vladimir Kartashov, PierPaolo Koss, Jan Kuck, Raquel Maulwurf, Giuseppe Negro, Davide Ragazzi, Fried Rosenstock, Enzo Rovella, Anne Schubert, Niels Schubert, Daniele Sigalot, Nina Staehli, Günter Stangelmayer, Marco Tagliafico, Anne-Claire van den Elshout, Aaron van Erp, Johannes Vetter, Alessandra Vinotto, Alessandro Zannier, Stefano Mario Zatti, Maya Zignone.


A Pick Gallery (Turin), Artantide Gallery (Verona), Atipografia (Arzignano VI), Bernheimer Contemporary (Berlin), Breed Art Studios (Amsterdam), C+N Gallery Canepaneri (Genoa – Milan), Davide Ragazzi Art Studio (Genoa), Etherea Art Gallery (Genoa), Galleria Carta Bianca (Catania), Galleria Guidi & Schoen (Genoa), Livingstone Projects (Berlin), Luisa Catucci Gallery (Berlin), mim Raum für Kultur (München), Raucci/Santamaria Studio Project (Milan), Spazio Unimedia Contemporary Art (Genoa), The Project Space (Pietrasanta LU), WEM Gallery (Ornavasso VB).
Music performance by Ottodix

During the opening , Alessandro Zannier, who with his musical alter ego ‚Ottodix‘ has released eight albums and a collection, presents a few songs from his new concept album ‚Arca‘ and ambient tracks obtained by translating the DNA sequence of life forms capable of surviving the extinction of life on Earth, such as the bacterium Deinococcus Radiodurans, which survived for a whole year outside a spacecraft.

exhibition 4 – 18 june 2023 h. 14.00 -18.00 opening 3 june h. 18.00

I will be there.
Sincerely, Anne Schubert